Our pizzas are made from scratch with as many processes kept in-house as possible. The sourdough is long fermented, made using Shipton Mill flour and our spring water. The bases are hand-stretched and we bake the pizzas in our clay oven using hardwood. We will be adding more pizzas, garlic breads, and customisable options (add olives etc) soon. Our first collections start at 5pm and run until 8:30pm.

We offer vegan cheese and gluten free bases, but please note that our kitchen handles nuts and other allergens and we cannot guarantee the avoidance of cross-contamination. Our gluten free bases are cooked in the same pizza oven on parchment to avoid contact with the oven floor and using difference utensils and therefore may not be suitable for strict coeliacs. If you wish to omit any of the toppings please let us know using the notes section at checkout.

How our pizza ordering system works…

  • You can order up to 6 pizzas per time slot – if required you can put separate orders in
  • Time slots are selected at the end of the process – book early to guarantee your preferred time
  • As with the groceries there is a minimum spend of £15 and payment is taken at the point of ordering
  • Due to supplier deadlines and sourdough processes we cannot offer refunds for cancelled orders
  • Ensure that you provide a contact number that you will have on you when you collect
  • When you arrive please let us know that you’re here and we’ll cook your pizzas to order – there will be a short wait for this but you could enjoy your preordered snacks and drinks while you wait!
  • If you arrive late then we may have to defer your collection to a later time slot
  • Pizzas are all boxed to takeaway

Step 1: Add your pizzas (click for options)

Step 2: Add drinks (look at those DEYA deals!)

Step 3: If you like snacks then you shall have snacks